Global Pro Bono Walk Run Jog Move

Celebrating the pro bono work of legal service providers


Get ready to walk, jog, run, move with the world between 1 September – 31 December 2019,
in the Global Pro Bono Move – Walk Jog Run for Justice.


If you are going to move, why not move for JUSTICE!

About the Global Pro Bono Move (Join Now!)

The Global Pro Bono Move (Walk Run Jog) is held between 1 September 2019 to 31 December 2019.  Together let’s walk, jog and run around the world for Justice. That’s 40,000 kms together! This awareness-raising event works hand-in-hand giving the opportunity for participation to persons across all the continents.  Together let’s walk, run, jog, move with others across the globe and celebrate the work of so many Pro Bono and Access to Justice providers globally, as they equally provide direly needed legal support for those in need. You can participate from anywhere in the world and run whenever you want!

Who Can Join? Everyone! (Join Now!)

No matter what country/region you are in you can join via atlasGO app. Whether you are in Thailand, Vietnam, China/Hong Kong, Laos, Mongolia, the Maldives, Bhutan, Ireland, the USA, Nigeria, South Africa, Poland, Korea, Canada, India, Myanmar, UK, Hungary, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Germany, Pakistan, Argentina, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, the Middle East, Japan, New Zealand, France, Spain, Russia, Mexico, Africa, Asia, Europe, South or Central America, the South Pacific, or any other place, even Antarctica, just download the app and join in.

Make a Donation or Pledge

We encourage you to put the power of your running/walking through fundraising to support so many initiatives that support greater access to justice and help to build Rule of Law to protect the poor, vulnerable and marginalized

Find your friend, team or see who else is moving for justice by visiting our donation or pledge site here.

No matter how you decide to make a donation or pledge, please know we are incredibly thankful to each and everyone one of you.

Meet Our Partners and Supporters

Request to become a partner of the Global Pro Bono Walk Run Jog Move for Justice.

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Event Coordinators


BABSEACLE is a 501c3 US organization that helps to establish, strengthen, and support Access to JusticeRule of Law, and Pro Bono globally. Since 2003, they have been working with organizations, law firms, and universities globally, to ensure that justice is available to everyone and anyone, regardless of their background or current situation.


atlasGo is a B Corp building a community of sweaty changemakers! The atlasGO team work to develop a community where engaged runners, non-profits and corporations join forces to create positive awareness around social & environmental issues and to accelerate impactful change.”


Registration Open!

Together we are not just running/walking in an event,
we are on a global path to help ensure greater access to JUSTICE!

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