The Trio 4 Justice is held at the beautiful Huey Tueng Tao Park Chiang Mai Thailand. Participants run/walk/wheel around the lake passing by statues, temples, and scenic landscapes.

Professionalism and Community Spirit

Each course has been designed by Marathon participants who love to participate in community events. The starting times have been planned for the majority of the 21km & 10km participants to see or run/walk/wheel with the 5km & 3km participants.

The Asia Marathon Justice course has been designed for many different type of persons, including the professional or seasoned participants and others. A main goal of the design has been to be able to see and encourage each other. Throughout the course participants loop around different sections both inside and outside the park. On the 2nd loop of a section, participants will run/walk/wheel in the opposite direction to the first loop. It will be all sign posted and will have volunteers to show the way.

Inspiration and Encouragement

As you loop around you will be seeing and encouraging other runners/walkers/wheelers including those doing the 21K, 10K, 5K and 3K as you pass each other. It is a common and encouraged practice in the Trio 4 Justice for participants to High Five each other when they pass, to power punch signs of encouragement from the volunteers along the course and sometimes snap selfies with other participants.

Join us and be inspired and encouraged by professionals runners, running/walking/wheelies enthusiasts, first time runners, kids in flips flops in their first 3km, the team work of the sight impaired participants, mums & dads with strollers, participants in wheel chairs and balloons, the colourful justice costumes all in support of Access to Justice or the beauty of the park.