When and where

Where is the Trio For Justice and Access to Justice Public Interest Fair?
The events are held at Huey Tueng Tao park. You can click here for a map from Chiang Mai International Airport.

When is the Trio For Justice and Access to Justice Public Interest Fair?
The events are on 20 January 2018

When are the events?
The marathon starts at 05.30, half-marathon starts at 06:30, the 10K at 07:00, and the 5K at 07:30 A.M.

What about the Kids’ Run/Walk?
The Kids’ Run/Walk begins the same time as the 5K: 07:30.



Where can I register?
Register online only – closed 15 Jan 2017

Will I be able to get my money refunded if I choose not to participate?
Unfortunately, we cannot issue any refunds, however, depending on the circumstances, we will consider applying your registration fee to next years event.

If I am a foreigner living in Thailand, do I pay the local or international fee?
If you are a foreigner living in Thailand, you will pay the local registration fee. The international registration fee is only for those who live outside of Thailand.


Who Can Participate

Who can participate?

How old do I need to be to enter the Trio For Justice?
There is no age requirement; you can participate as long as you are physically able to.


On the Day

What should I wear to the Trio For Justice?
Typical exercise clothes are fine. Light shorts and a tank top/t-shirt are perfect.

Will there be bathrooms along the course?
There are five restroom breaks along the course.

Will water be provided?
Water will be provided at the start/finish as well as every 2 kilometers along the course.

What about food?
There is free food at the end.


Alternative Ways to Make Donations:

There are a number of ways to donate money for the Trio For Justice. Different options can be easier for certain persons. Some options, while easier upfront, result in less money reaching BABSEACLE due to various administrative fees and service costs.

For your convenience we will list the various options below:

(1) Pay Pal
To pay via PayPal please follow the below link:
PayPal Donation Link

(2) Using a Credit Card and Email Our Thailand Office (please see other credit card option below)
Send e-mail to our accountant (Ms Tik) [email protected] with all of the below information (only the BABSEACLE accountant has access to your credit card details)
– Credit card number – Name of card Holder – Expire date – Security Number – Visa/Master card/JCB
(This is the fastest, cheapest and easiest way for us to process donations)

(3) Send Cheques or Money Order
For cheques or money order payment, please do the following:
Bridges Across Borders Southeast Asia Community Legal Education Initiative, 319 Adelphi Street, Brooklyn, NY 11205 USA

USA Phone + (1) 352 316 0888

(4) Wire Money to BABSEACLE’s Thailand Account
To wire money to our bank account in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Please send your payment to the following bank account:
Bank Name Bangkok Bank Public Limited Company
Branch Head Office
Bank Address Foreign Currency Deposit Section 333 Silom Road Bangkok 10500, Thailand
Account #840-101-0019-103555-501
Name on Account Bridges Across Borders Southeast Asia Group Co., Ltd
Routing No 026-008-691