Access to Justice Week’s organisers, participants, volunteers and friends would like to thank the following Sponsors and Supporters for their commitment to success of the Asia Justice Marathon & the Trio for Justice and their support of BABSEACLE‘s access to justice initiatives.

Exclusive Offers & Discounts for Asia Justice Marathon Participants

Planning your “runcation” is like any other vacation, except your trip’s main attraction is running. The Asia Justice Marathon offers runcation opportunities in Chiang Mai Thailand. As well as packing your usual travel essentials, you will bring your running clothes and shoes, running app, Body Glide, and all the bars and liquids you run with.

But what makes the Asia Justice Marathon runcation option more exciting than a regular trip is the ability to view Chiang Mai, Thailand from an entirely different perspective than if you weren’t traveling to run. Our theme is Fitness | Adventure | Justice and have partnered in Chiang Mai with social enterprises and not for profit organisations to bring exclusive opportunities to our participants. All activities are from social enterprises in the Chiang Mai community who further a social purpose in a financially sustainable way.

These organisation show their support for the Asia Justice Marathon by donating back a % of the discounted price listed on our site. The money raised helps to maintain and improve your experience at the event as well as going towards those in need and achieving BABSEACLE’s vision of greater equality for all.

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Thank You To Our Sponsors & Supporters

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