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TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More!

Please read the conditions to apply below. If you’ve understood them, please press AGREE AND CONTINUE at the bottom of the page to continue the registration.


We encourage you to run as a corporation or a government department. However, all team compositions are allowed. Your team needs to consist of four (4) members including at least 1 female participant.





  • We encourage corporation, profit or non-profit, along with any government department to participate as a joint team. However, we welcome all team compositions, whether corporate or personal.
  • Employees, as well as non-employees (i.e. family members, friends, etc. of employees), are eligible to join their corporate team.
  • We also encourage participants to group with employees who practice the same profession, even if they aren’t aligned to the same corporation.

There will be separate Corporate Team Challenges for the Asia Justice Marathon Full Marathon (42K) and Half Marathon (21K). To be officially scored for the Timed Competition, each team must consist of:

  • A minimum of (4) four members.
  • At least one female and one person that is 30 years or older. One runner can fulfill both the gender and age requirement. Example: a team member who is female and 30 years old fulfills this requirement.




42K: Relay Team with 4 x Participants completing 10.5K each

Early Bird – 4 x ฿450 = ฿1,800 (valid 1-30 Jun 2018)
Regular – 4 x ฿500 = ฿2,000 (valid 1 Jul – 30 Nov 2018)

21K: Relay Team with 4 x Participants completing 5.25K each

Early Bird – 4 x ฿400 = ฿1,600 (valid 1-30 Jun 2018)
Regular – 4 x ฿450 = ฿1,800 (valid 1 Jul – 30 Nov 2018)



Registration must include the names of all the team members at the time of registration


The winning team in the timed competition will receive a Corporate Team Challenge plaque.

Each Corporate Team will receive a Corporate Certificate of Completion and every relay runner will receive a finisher medal.

Yes, I accept the conditions. Let's run for justice!

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