To find out about event starting times, click on the + sign for the event.
Remember to come early for the Zumba warm up.

42K Marathon

42K Enquiries & Bag Storage Opens 04:00am

42K Enquiries & Bag Storage Closes 04:30am

42K Start Time 05:00am

21K Half Marathon & 20K Relay

21K & 20K Relay Enquiries & Bag Storage Opens 05:30am

21K & 20K Relay Enquiries & Bag Storage Closes 06:00am

21K & 20K Relay Start Time 06:30am


10K Run/Walk/Wheel
10KEnquiries & Bag Storage Opens 05:30am

10K Enquiries & Bag Storage Closes 06:30am

10K Start Time 07:00am

5K & 3K Run/Walk/Wheel
5K & 3K Enquiries & Bag Storage Opens 05:30am

5K & 3K Enquiries & Bag Storage Closes 07:00am

5K & 3K Start Time 07:30am

Zumba Warm Up
Zumba Warm Up

Starts 6:35am immediately after the 21K starts

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