To find out about event starting times, click on the + sign for the event.
Remember to come early for the Zumba warm up.

NB. No registration or packet pick up on the day of the event. Click here for details.

42K Marathon & 42K Relay

42K Enquiries & Bag Storage Opens 04:30am

42K Enquiries & Bag Storage Closes 05:00am

42K Start Time 05:30am

21K Half Marathon & 21K Relay

21K Enquiries & Bag Storage Opens 05:30am

21K Enquiries & Bag Storage Closes 06:00am

21K Start Time 06:30am


10K Run/Walk/Wheel

10KEnquiries & Bag Storage Opens 05:30am

10K Enquiries & Bag Storage Closes 06:30am

10K Start Time 07:00am

5K & 3K Run/Walk/Wheel

5K & 3K Enquiries & Bag Storage Opens 05:30am

5K & 3K Enquiries & Bag Storage Closes 07:00am

5K & 3K Start Time 07:30am

Zumba Warm Up

Zumba Warm Up

Starts 6:35am immediately after the 21K starts

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