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We’re proud to offer you additional products to help support the Access to Justice week and the Access to Justice Marathon. For example you can:

  • Support a runner with blindness
  • Give a donation to the Asia Justice Marathon
  • Get yourself one of our Access to Justice T-Shirts

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T-Shirt – Asia Justice Marathon

Size & Length
3XL 46″
2XL 44″
XL   42″
L     40″
M    38″
S     36″

IMPORTANT – This product is valid for ONE (1) Corporate Runner. If you would like all your team members to benefit from this additional item, please add FOUR (4) products to your cart by using the buttons on your right hand.

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Donation for Asia Access to Justice Initiatives

“I would like to make a donation to support Asia Access to Justice Initiatives generally.”

Minimum amount for pledge is USD $50.00. (THB 1,700.00)
To chose a higher amount choose more than 1 quantity eg. Order 5 = USD $250.00 (THB 8,500)

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Support a runner living with blindness

Each year the Trio for Justice supports children and disadvantaged youth to participate in the event. We strongly encourage your support and get involved:

  • By providing a donation to students living with blindness from The Northern School for the Blind under the Patronage of the Queen.
  • Promoting social justice for people with disability and students through supporting the rights to participate society activity.
  • Engage with the vulnerable community with social justice-mind networks, education sector, legal profession and non-profit organizations.

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A2J Champion Sponsorship

“I would like to make a donation to support or partially subsidise the attendance of regional deserving and qualified Access 2 Justice Champions who could not otherwise afford to attend.”


Minimum amount for pledge is USD $25.00 (THB 860.00)
To chose a higher amount, choose more than 1 quantity eg. Order 4 = USD $100.00 (THB 3,440.00)

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Runner/Walker Pledge

“I would like to make a pledge/donation is in support of runner/walker/participant.”

We encourage all participants in the Asia Access to Justice and Trio For Justice to help us raise as much money as possible to help make this event a success.

Help us raise money:
1. By having your friends & family sponsor you in your run/walk through making a pledge on your behalf
2. By making a one-time donation to sponsor the event/participant

Minimum amount for pledge is THB 100.00 (USD 3.00)
To chose a higher amount choose more than 1 quantity eg. Order 5 = THB 500.00 (USD 15.00)

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All BABSEACLE supported events ensure people from under-privileged backgrounds are able to attend its events.

Your gift will be deeply appreciated by our team-and by all the people they strive to serve.

All previous years, BABSEACLE hosted participants from the Northern Region School for the Blind, Hilltribe and migrant worker children studying at local temples, Youth at Risk supported by Urban Light, The Wildflower Home Foundation, Thai Tribal Crafts and the LGBTIQ Health organization MPlus among others.

On behalf of those that “inspire” we thank you in more ways than we can ever express.